Inspired Everyday Styles

We love so many of our Well Dressed Wolf styles, and we know many of you do, too! When we set out to create Omi Jo, we decided to start with a few of our tried and true silhouettes... re-imagined and re-patterned for comfortable knits! Long time fans can probably spot them without our help, but just in case here's a handy guide. You can bet these styles will make a soft-comfy-cozy-knit appearance here.

*Don't use this guide for fit comparison. Knits are inherently different than wovens, so the actual patterns have been adjusted.

Aunt Heart > Heart Tunic Dress

One of the most beloved Well Dressed Wolf styles, named in honor of our Great Aunt Heartcease Higgins. The knit version of this dress has hidden pockets (although outer pockets are a possibility in the future!). Crossover straps that button in back have been replaced with darling wide ties to keep things in place. This style can be a tunic or a dress pending the size you select. It is flexible and perfect for every day!

Innocent Dress > Library Dress

Innocent dresses are some of our personal Well Dressed Wolf favorites! As the name implies, they're sweet, pure, and old fashioned. The knit version is soft, comfortable, and reversible. Buttons can be worn in front or in back for two dresses in one.

Everyday Dancer > Dancer Dress

The Well Dressed Wolf Everyday Dancer dress evolved from our Day in May Maxi, one of our first and favorite knits. When we launched Omi Jo, it just made sense to bring this beloved style along. Sleeves and lengths will change but the basics remain the same because... why mess with a good thing?

Holiday Magic > Market Dress

One of our most versatile Well Dressed Wolf styles was the 2016 Holiday Magic Mystery Dress. The silhouette itself features quite often in WDW pieces because it just works. With a full circle skirt, fitted bodice, and simple lace trim, our knit version is perfect for an open air market, the mall, or any other outing.

French Lavender > Playground Pinafore 

Perhaps the most beloved of all Well Dressed Wolf styles, French Lavender (and Winter Berries, Mint & Magnolia, Oh Holy Night, etc...) will soon come to life as a knit dress! Her classic ruffle bodice and softly twirling skirt will surely make her a favorite everyday piece.   

What styles do you want to see adapted for knits? Let us know!