Our Mission

What drives your passion? When a very generous and philanthropic friend posed that question it gave us immediate clarity.

The simple answer? Love. We love people. We also value children, honor family, and believe in the power of hope and beauty. With that in mind, we strive to build a business that will improve lives and change the world. 

Ethical Production

Encouraging empowerment through meaningful employment is a big responsibility for the modern business owner. The fact that Well Dressed Wolf, Omi Jo, and Wildling are creating better lives for men and women all over our big world—including the United States—well, it makes our hearts full. We are so proud to work with family friendly teams that place huge value on growth and artistic expression.

our custom printed floral fabric being cut in our Bali factory

happily cutting yards upon yards of our beautiful fabric

While we work with teams in the United States and El Salvador, the bulk of our WDW pieces come from India and the majority of our Omi Jo pieces are made in Indonesia. The Managing Director for our team in Bali was born into the business he now runs, so it’s no surprise that his team is like an extension of his family. We love how he describes his journey and dedication to goodness, empowerment, and sustainability… so here you go:

“Some of our team held me as a baby as my parents attended to clients, and it’s unbelievable to think that in this day and age that we have retained some of our staff from the day we opened. I have seen their own children grow up alongside me, and we have supported their families and personal endeavours every step of the way. If they need any personal or financial assistance outside of the workplace, all they need to do is ask."

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"We recognise what makes our team members feel happy in both life and work, and we encourage them to have a direct input into our business so we can constantly improve the way we work together.

We pride ourselves in innovation from both a production standpoint as well as our ethics for both people and the environment.

Some of the benefits we provide to our employees include health and life insurance, profit sharing, a retirement fund, 2 weeks of fully paid leave and sick leave, fully paid maternity leave (along with an option to work from home). We hire more women for more management roles without any gender bias. We encourage our people to learn, grow, and realize their dreams.

We also understand the importance of a clean, healthy work environment, so we constantly improve it. Our factory has large amounts of natural light and LED, ergonomic work spaces, high power exhaust fans that expel fabric dust, consistent cleaning throughout the day (making it one of the cleanest clothing factories in Bali).

We have made community and the environment priorities as well. We don’t use or allow standard plastic bags in any form —even employee lunch bags— and have produced thousands of reusable bags for our community and our team as an alternative. Even our production packaging is made from biodegradable plastic.

As a team, we are active within our community, donating to youth programs and local orphanages, and adopting animals. On a global scale, we make a difference through ethical and sustainable production practices on the pieces that eventually find their way to you.

Thank you for caring about where and how your clothes are made. We are honored to be part of your own family history in some small way."

~ Managing Director, Bali

Giving Back

We have been so blessed and our own kids have more than they need. They're safe, happy, well fed and abundantly loved. It's easy to forget that not all children are so lucky. Months of searching for a way help eventually led us to Angel House. With their assistance, we were able to build a home and secure a clean water well for 25 orphaned children in India. Soon after, we were blessed with a second opportunity to fund an orphanage that recently welcomed 25 more children home. But it won't stop there. A portion of every sale is dedicated to creating better lives for women and children through charities that are dear to our hearts, from seeking an end to human trafficking to feeding the needy. With your help we plan to make a meaningful impact on the future of our world.

the opening of our first Little Den orphanage

The sweet, happy faces in their new home